Royaleather was born in 2009 at Santa Croce sull’Arno, an important center of the tanning tradition at the national and international level. The very young entrepreneur Giovanni Giuntoli, with a four-generation long experience in leather production and processing, decides to leave the family company for an independent path. My personal targets are clients that think that there is nothing better than royaleather products and services.” Giovanni Giuntoli Ceo and Founder



Leather producer

Selection of raw hides, respect of the technical features during the process of tannage custom products, hight tech finishes, wide range of article ready in our warehouse.


Reserch on project, selection of compatible materials, project engineering, budgeting & timing, custom samples, productions, additional processing, pre-assembly, final assembly.


Sister companies, material integration, cooperation with other supplier, materials and assembly teams.


We are professionals in interiors, so all our products are produced, tested, packaged and assembled, for the life of a component of interior 12 points for an extraordinary project.



Our company provides consultancy services for the analysis of the order assessing:

1. Our production materials:
Compliance dimensional, materials Finishes, Production optimization, Additional Machining, Application Techniques

2. not manufactured materials
Suitability of materials, selection, Additional Machining, dimensional conformity, compliance with regulations, Problem solving

Making Custom Materials

Our technology, combined with the skills of our craftsmen, offers the ability to customize the materials, from raw material to finished product, using the techniques reported in our catalog.


Once you identified the leather required, starts the second stage of evaluation and estimation of the latter bringing them back inside the architectural design. Shapes, colors and effects optimized in the quantities, identifying the best processes to apply materials, within the context provided by the client.



Once engineered the production, the materials are prepared and cut according to the customer’s request ready to be applied with the technical support staff who will perform the installation.